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Cas: St 9.8.2006 6:24.39
Titulek: Nigerian Scam and Czech Republic

Docela drsny:
Physical harm or death
Some victims have hired private investigators in Nigeria or have personally 
travelled to Nigeria, without ever retrieving their money. There are cases of 
victims being unable to cope with the losses and committing suicide. [8]
One American was murdered in Nigeria in June 1995 after being lured by a 419 
scam. [9]
In February 2003, a scam victim from the Czech Republic shot and killed 
Michael Lekara Wayid, an official at the Nigerian embassy in Prague. [10] [11]
A Greek man was murdered in South Africa after responding to a 419 scam. [3]
Kjetil Moe, a Norwegian businessman, was reported missing and ultimately 
killed after a trade with Nigerian scammers in Johannesburg, South Africa 
(September 1999). [1]
Mary Winkler shot her pastor husband to death on March 22, 2006 after being 
taken for $17,500 in a 419 scam. She could not face him with what had 

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