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- The longest common English word that can be typed using only the left hand 
(using conventional hand placement) is stewardesses. The words sweaterdresses 
and aftercataracts are longer and can also be typed with only the left hand, 
but they are not in all dictionaries.
- The longest English word that can be typed with the right hand only (using 
conventional hand placement) is johnny-jump-up, or alternatively polyphony.
- The word typewriter can be typed entirely using the top row of the QWERTY 
keyboard; it has been speculated that this may have been a factor in the 
choice of keys for ease of demonstration, although this is unlikely.
- Long English words that can be typed with the keys of one row only include 
typewriter and rupturewort.
- The word Qwerty is used as a codename for illegal pornography on the 
- The average person is expected to type 30-40 words per minute using the 
touch typing technique on a QWERTY keyboard. 40-50 words per minute is 
considered excellent, and some have been clocked at over 90 words per minute.
- In the video series Veggie Tales the computer used to look up Bible verses 
is named Qwerty.
- There is a Pogo.com Club Pogo-Exclusive online word game called "QWERTY" 
similar to Scrabble.

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