Autor: JiMo (dar-k-ing) on 'Branice'
Cas: Po 25.10.2010 19:39.02
Titulek: one more set again - today in English

Can you tell me the name of three great kings who have brought
happiness & peace into people's lives?
Well, smo-king, drin-king & fuc-king.
=== lopata ===
(Yeah, this IS keyword and can't be translated)
=== lopata? ===
The Bible teaches us to love our fellowman.
The Kama Sutra teaches us how.
=== lopata ===
A priest walks into a hotel and asks the receptionist: 
I hope you have disabled porn channel?
And the receptionist says: 
No, just regular porn you sicko!
=== lopata ===
So the router walks into the doctor's office...
"Doctor, it hurts when IP."
=== lopata ===
Enough now. I'll be back...
                  [ A project manager is a person who thinks
                    nine women can deliver a baby in one month. ]

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