Autor: Tuttle (back to the konami times) on 'Stripky'
Cas: Ct 28.7.2005 15:48.02
Titulek: Jeden anglicky

One of the best (if not "The Best") fairy tales ever seen., 16 March 2002
Rating: 10/10
Author: AMur from Israel
I saw this film first time back there in mid-80s, being around 10-years old, 
and it was wonderful. I've seen it several times since there, and impression 
never changed, regardless of age. I'm very fond of Barandov Studios' fairy 
tales, but this film is the best of them. Safrankova, Travnicek, Bartoska --
-- what would better for the film?
The only pity that like many other wonderful films it isn't translated to 
English (Am I wrong?) -- so in people not knowing Chech/Russian/German don't 
able to enjoy it. Well -- their loss!  

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