Autor: Tuttle (Na moje memy mi nemakej!) on 'Microsoft'
Cas: Ut 5.10.2004 22:20.33
Titulek: Zajimava informace o XP SP2 z e-mailove konference...

... o softwaru OpenVPN. Resily se tam problemy se sitovanim po nainstalovani 
cerstveho Service Packu 2 pro Windows XP. Vyberte si z toho, co chcete. :-)
Ja si z toho vybral, ze M$ je opet jako slon v porcelu se svou snahou pomahat 
chudakum uzivatelum. 
> ...
I had exactly the same problem with my own laptop a few day ago after applying 
SP2. After a day of many ugly words jumping out of my mouth and very close to 
pick up the XP installation CD to reinstall the machine, I found the problem!
It's SP2 new nice(?) anti-worm protection! They have put a limit of max 10 
"half-established" TCP sessions! They say it only affect security tools like 
port-scanners and illegal file-sharing applications! The "illegal" 
application I was running on my computer was Skype, which together with my 
own very restrictive corporate firewall, which blocks all outgoing traffic 
except for some ports, made me fill this table of 10 "half-established" TCP 
connections in no time.
Which in turn made IE and other application look like they had gone crazy, 
because they had to wait for some other TCP session to time-out before it 
could make its connection!!
Yes, a bit of topic for this list, but it's worth knowing when you wonder why 
you can't suddenly connect with OpenVPN over TCP...
Solution? No official from MS, but there exist a hack/patch which modifies 
tcpip.sys to allow the number of half-established tcp sessions you want!
I can't recommend this patch for corporate use, but I found no other solution 
than applying it or uninstalling SP2, and it has worked flawlessly for me 
The patch is available here:
Mathias Sundman

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