Autor: Harvester ( on 'Magie'
Cas: St 21.6.2006 14:20.01
Titulek: Pekna definice

Po dlouhe dobe jsem narazil na, dle meho nazoru, peknou definici carodejnice 
(nebo carodejky) a magie. Zvlast pro ty, kteri se nad takovymi vecmi spise 
My mother, spying a book about Wicca on my bookshelf, asked if I was studying 
witchcraft. She had a tremor of fear in her voice. 
Yes, I answered. 
Oh, don.t do that, she pleaded, her understanding of the word .witch. coming 
from the usual channels of misinformed media and vested interest pulpit. 
But always been a witch, I told her, and so have you. I just didn.t know 
that until I started reading about Wicca. The day you pulled your children 
out of Sunday school, took them to a field of flowers, and told them they 
didn.t have to go to church to find were a witch.
Every time I pick an herb to make a tea for a sick friend.I'm a witch. I sit 
in my garden, realizing I'm part of nature, a child of Earth.I'm a witch. I 
take a moment, focus my intent, and dream. When that dream manifests.I've 
made magick. Magick is the art of changing the visible with the invisible.
Wicca, ancient Earth religion, of the Earth, about Goddess, Gaia, the Earth 
Mother, about Communion, about Healing, about Compassion, about Love, about 
Honoring the Life Force within all, about Spirit, about Intent, about Choice, 
about Responsibility, about Spiritual Autonomy.about Joy.

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