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Titulek: 12 Pieces of Appropriately Geeky Big Bang Theory Trivia

... we've gathered some handy trivia to pull out at viewing parties, 
    Comic-Cons, or anywhere BBT fans may assemble. Use it wisely. 
1. Frequently, Leonard has no actual glass in his glasses.
2. Penny is the only one of the show's main characters whose last name is 
still a mystery.
3. Mayim Bialik is the only cast member with a PhD: In 2008, she received her 
advanced degree in neuroscience.
4. Penny has been using the same purse on the show since the second episode 
of the first season.
5. The line in the show's theme, "Autotrophs began to drool," is a purposeful 
error/joke: Autotrophs are life forms like plants or algae that create their 
own energy, and therefore don't need to eat.
6. The actors actually learned how to play the instruments their characters 
play on the show (theremin, cello, harp).
7. Melissa Rauch based her character's voice on her mother's, "Only without 
the Jersey."
8. Sheldon's "soothing song," "Soft Kitty," is based on an Australian 
children's song from executive producer Bill Prady's daughter's preschool.
9. Jim Parsons has never seen Star Trek or Doctor Who, a fact that would be 
seriously depressing to Sheldon Cooper.
10. Briefly, a complete rip-off of the show called The Theorists was aired in 
Belarus. When the actors discovered they were performing in a stolen show, 
they all quit, which negated the need for legal action from BBT's creators.
11. Kunal Nayyar (Raj)'s wife, Neha Kapur, is a former Miss India.
12. There's a species of Brazilian bee named for the show: Euglossa bazinga.

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