Autor: Rray (Vsechno je forma protestu) on 'DoVetru'
Cas: So 1.12.2012 1:03.32
Titulek: Konec sveta

Pomozme si slovy Wena Vecne Zasnouciho:
... that the only thing that exists in the universe is the present, that the 
past is only a memory, and that the universe is literally broken down and 
rebuilt by Time from moment to moment, in an interval which would come to be 
known as the "quantum cosmic tick". 
Takze ano, (i) 21.12.2012 bude svet znicen a dokonce nekolikrat ;-)
No zrovna jsem to docetl, tak si to taky treba nekdy prectete..
Terry Pratchett: Thief of time

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