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Autor: #Feed# (on behalf of Covex) on 'Covex'
Cas: So 02.04.2016 9:34.00
Titulek: WLtoys Vortex A979

Feed:      lowlevel
![][1] Originaly we got a Nikko Vaporizr Nano car. This car is a fun to
drive with its slip driving and ability to drive in the watter, but its
construction is simply terrible - hardplastic (inclu. wheels), no spare
parts, on/off remote, direct transmission of motor to wheels - it got
broken within 3 month. For the same price of big Vaporizr you can have a
WLtoys Vortex A979 or similar, that is a real RC. Here is a list of
services we had to do on this otherwise very good first time car.
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