Autor: #Feed# (on behalf of Covex) on 'Covex'
Cas: Ne 23.06.2013 20:02.00
Titulek: Rooting Android devices from roots

Feed:      lowlevel
![][1] This is my first contact with Android based device. It may sound odd
in 2013, but it is true. Looking around the world of internet for a
description how Android works, one can mostly find it full of an
information pollution. I was surprised how many people is just blindly
installing many applications on their computers (many of them being a
mallware) and many on their Android devices to gain a root privileges,
crying for help to root their device, without a bit of understanding what
is going on. My experiences may really not be complete, this is just what
I've found and how far I understand it at the moment.
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