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Cas: St 12.09.2012 8:43.00
Titulek: BLAUPUNKT London 120

Feed:      lowlevel
![][1] After six years Sencor SCD 5255 gave up in most of its
functionalities. Years ago I bought it as it was mostly only cheap radio
with USB. Market has changed in those year. I'll not buy anything from
Sencor in near future, as this auto radio proved to be a cheap crap.
Choosing a replacement was not easy - today for the same price of the old
Sencor, you can find a hand full of radios also from well established
companies. This really drives me nut, as you can hardly find any useful
info about radios. The best documentation I found was from Kenwood, also it
looks like Kenwood is offering a lot of various features, others do not
present - at least. Well, this is exactly what I do not want - looking for
KISS products narrows down the selection in many ways. Blaupunkt made me
happy here. They do even a car radios without CD drive - type Melbourne
120. This is awesome and I had a hard time deciding to get with or without
CD. Finally I got the one wih a CD as we already have some in the car.
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