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Cas: Ct 17.05.2012 20:21.00
Titulek: Sony Vaio P11Z vs. J720

Feed:      lowlevel
![][1] I do not like Sony. But I have to say, they are often making the
pieces of electronics, that are rare or at least very special. One of them
is a so called lifestyle notebook Sony Vaio P. For seven years I was using
HP Jornada 720. The device is still unbeatable in many ways, but time is
passing and it is ageing. Some problems are very hard to overcome - e.g.
WPA in wifi networks. I was looking for a replacement for Jornada for
several years now and did not met any. Well, there are few, that may, but
then the second thing comes to play - availability in middle Europe. And
that is were most of them fails.
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